Raymond B. Wallace, Jr. is a retired CEO; public classroom teacher; and Trustee of the Virginia Retirement System. He has been published numerous times in ECCA Magazine, The Farmville Herald; Fifty-Plus Monthly; Jefferson Policy Review; Norfolk Virginian-Pilot; Rappahannock Times, and The Richmond Times-Dispatch. Contact him at (rbwallace01@verizon.net).

Cover of the book Essex Memories & Beyond

Essex Memories & Beyond

This is the first anniversary of my book’s publication (ESSEX MEMORY & BEYOND) from AUTHOR PARTNERS. We are excited with its second run and the speaking engagements continue to come in. Trust you’ll give it a look-see…it’s about growing up in a far different Commonwealth of Virginia with the massive cultural changes. As Dr. Charlie Bryan, Jr. wrote we had more changes in the 20th century here than the previous three centuries combined.

Ray’s Raws contains a repository of many of the Wallace columns written in the last couple of years.

Ray’s Raws: This name hawks back to 1955, when Ray’s Raws was a Sports Column in the Douglas Freeman High School newspaper, The Commentator. In the annals of writing, it was the worst sports column ever written…so we are attempting to give new life to RAY’S RAWS.

Bella Wallace - VP of Operations

Ms. Bella Wallace – VP of Operations.

ASCOT BELLA received her graduate degree at the Ascot Institute for Norwich Terriers, Linglestown, Pennsylvania, with summa cum laude status…William J Schubart and Jane R. Schubart, provosts. Her management is formidable, and her direction of this modest blog is immeasurable.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Katharineanderson@verizon.net Anderson said:

    Willow Lawn Memories –Was the home shop to which you referred called The Crozet House?

    • Thanks much for checking out my Columns….no, The Home Shop was a brand store in those days – there were several of them around Richmond….keep in touch.

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