Can I go ahead and simply write: FOX (FNC) is clearly trending to the political left on an obvious painful journey. Even with Shepard Smith’s recent resignation, being escorted from Fox Headquarters, the network’s leftward trend is hardly diminished

Sorry, committed Conservatives – even you moderate conservatives – this cable network is no longer an exception from the tragic news services of a CNN, or MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS. FNC’s management seems hell bent on becoming a member in good standing with the other left leaning cable news networks.

As Rush Limbaugh, with his 20 million listeners, recently said, “Fox (FNC) really ought to change the name….from the Fox News Channel to the Fox Never Trump Network. Limbaugh is currently raising millions of dollars for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation by the sale of Betsy Ross shirts.

It is a tragedy for the electronic Fourth Estate in this country; we had something of a news alternative with FNC at the beginning of the 21st century; it has wistfully disappeared. Conservative management has vanished.

For example, FOX NEWS SUNDAY treated this ‘second Ukraine whistleblower’ baloney like it had real authentic legs. Watching Chris Wallace (FOX NEWS SUNDAY) pretend Democratic planted stories are, in fact, facts…with his sort of super-journalistic pretense to be….er, “fair and balanced,’ is dreadful. While Wallace does not suffer the twitching Saint Vitas dance-like antics of F. Chuck Todd (MEET THE PRESS), there really is not much difference in his reportage.

Recently Chris Wallace had House Intelligence Committee Rep. Chris Steward (R-Utah) on to discuss ‘damaging revelations this week’ about a “second Ukraine whistleblower” that you know Fox has “confirmed” actually has “first-hand information” about the president’s call to President Zelensky in July.

What a set-up from this supposed fair and balanced TV anchor! To think that Chris Wallace sits in the same chair that those high-caliber journalist like Brit Hume, and the late Tony Snow, makes a mockery of balanced journalism. It borders on nauseous.

FNC recently brought in its latest Democratic heartthrob, Donna Brazile, former DNC Chair, to comment on Trump’s non-collusion and obstruction of justice. Brazile, it may be recalled, suffered this: “CNN said…it was ‘completely uncomfortable’ with new leaked emails that Donna Brazile fed debate questions to Hillary Clinton and announced it has accepted her resignation as contributor.” What was FNC management thinking?

Remember, the recently departed Sheppard Smith joined Rev. Al Sharpton in their mutual suffering over the phrase, “all lives matter.” Dwelling on shifting Fox talents, one cites the 180 degree turn of Judge Andrew Napolitano, whinny Jessica Tarlov, totally predictable Leslie Marshall.

Shockingly, FNC holds Donna Brazile in a special place, and Juan Williams – whose mug shots are a meme unto themselves – shallowly reminding viewers that Nancy Pelosi is right when she says Trump’s putting the citizenship question on the U. S. Census is RACIST.

FNC’s daily fare includes Bill Hemmer (Charming Billy) and Sandra Smith (Queen of interruption), along with more standout personalities as Harris Faulkner, Rick Leventhal, Tammy Bruce, Julie Banderas, and real NEWS gems: Catherine Herridge, Kevin Corke, Ed Henry, Laura Ingle, and Virginia’s own Dagen McDowell.

Bret Baier (FOX SPECIAL REPORT) painfully struggled over Shepard Smith’s departure, seems to float from left to right – and back. Baier has a strong following, including this writer, but the suspicion is that his once reliability may be compromised. Fondly recalling the trustworthiness of those originals brings pleasure: Uma Pemmaraju, Neil Cavuto, Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Patti Ann Browne, Jennifer Griffin, and Trace Gallagher.

The elegant Lauren Green Fox’s Religion editor, and concert pianist, is in a category by herself.

Night time brings solid work from Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson. Sadly, Sean Hannity has super-smart guess (Andrew McCarthy), but treats them in such a pedestrian fashion that it’s cringworthy. Simple kindness leaves an analysis of weekend FNC best unacknowledged at this point.

Fox News has raked in millions of dollars in advertising – masquerading as the “conservative alternative” to CNN, MSNBC et al; in recent years, the cable network has found comfortable housing for all sorts of Democrats.

Conservative viewers are on to it.