MORE Than MORE the  Kindness of Strangers.: ABOUT 400 college graduates in Georgia will have their student loan debt paid off, thanks to philanthropist, Robert Smith. Smith gave the keynote commencement address at Morehouse College in Atlanta, announcing that his family is creating a grant to eliminate the class of 2019’s student loans…about $14,000,000.00 payout.  “I know my class will make sure they pay this forward and I want my class to look at the alumnus, these beautiful Morehouse brothers, and let’s make sure every class has the same opportunity going forward.” Oprah Winfree spoke at Colorado College….and gave all a copy of her new book.

Believe It Or Not Department   IT was late October, 1993, in a fancy private club setting – a  political gathering for Michael P. Farris, Republican candidate for Lt. Governor. It would be the year that George Allen and Jim Gilmore would go on to a big political victory in Virginia.                             A group of us stood in the back area. Former Attorney General, William Barr, had been brought in to introduce Mike Farris….then; he came to the back of the room to listen to Farris’s speech. The former G.H.W. Bush’s AG was right next to me, and we chatted about 12 minutes or so. We both were much younger, but it occurred to me that this guy had a first rate mind, and expertise beyond my depth. He was the real professional….and so he is today.

Governor Ralph Northam: Where are Jeff Schapiro and Patrick Wilson, RT-D political reporters, on the Northam’s nickname at VMI: “coon-man”? I swear we have a right to know.

Duck & Cover Department    “WE really need to have a CONVERSATION” – about anything – this or that. Painfully, what they really intend is they want you to concede your committed position….er, you’re in error, and a complete change of your position is expected on any given issue.

Episcopal Church Of The United States (ECUSA) – Diocese of Virginia:  ONE of the largest diocese in ECUSA (nearly 80,000 members) currently has a “substitute” bishop, er – a “temp.” The Rt Revd Susan E. Goff was not formally elected, nor has she been ordained. Alas, decisions continue to be made, particularly those of an ideological nature, preaching the predictable, while not directly addressing the ‘born alive” bill. Another “new norm” forced on the congregations of this denomination? Purple hair, anyone?

Historians”…Gone bonkers:  POOR Douglas Brinkley, Rice University’s embarrassment, fawns over ‘Master’ and ‘Historic Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Rather than remaining an objective historian, Brinkley couldn’t help but drool over Speaker Pelosi as a partisan mouthpiece for her tiffs with the hated President Donald J. Trump. Where’s the man’s professionalism?                                                                                                 Historian Jon Meacham, presidential biographer, former Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek – which he ran into the ground – has embarrassed himself further; Meacham was on television, constantly uplifting, and praising Michael Avenatti, the creepy porn lawyer. Meacham joined such luminaries as Joe Scarborough, Soledad O’Brien, and Brian Stelter during, and after, the Brett Cavanaugh hearings for the Supreme Court nominee. Talk about crass judgment and bush-league analysis.

Department of “SCARY”: THE New York Times admits Democratic-run cities are unlivable. Dr. Drew predicts a major epidemic in filthy Los Angeles this summer. On May 22, 2019, the New York Times published and op/Ed, “America’s Cities Are Unlivable, Blame Wealthy Liberals.” By the papers opinion columnist Fared Manjoo, calling “progressives” hypocrites for abandoning “progressive values in their own backyards”.

VIRGINIA’s 7th Congressional District – Rep .Abigale Spanberger.      * Our ‘Abby’ won with 50.4% of the vote in November, 2018.       * Abby spends every moment of representation – distancing herself from her party’s radicals. * Abby did not vote for Pelosi as Speaker.  * Abby was only one of 7 Dems to visit the White House in January, working with the detested Trump.  * Abby voted with Republicans FOR – an amendment that would have required the background system to notify immigration authorities when illegal aliens attempt to buy firearms. * Oh, and Abby has not made “a determination” on impeachment – flipping her interview with Kim Strassel to her “bipartisan credentials.”  QUESTION for the 7th district citizens – where does Abby stand on   a) the open-border crisis;   b) the “born alive” bill to stop infanticide;  c)  the new trade proposals concerning Mexico, and Canada, which must get done.                    HUH?

CONCLUSION:                                                                                        Sadly, men are less free than they imagine. The perceived freest are probably the less free. It has come to me that men are free when they are obeying some deeper inward voice of purpose religion – not following some socially accepted ideology, but facing