Political polarization – the vast and growing gap between liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats – has become a defining feature of American politics. It has tragic implications – probably bringing us all totally down.

Clinton Rossiter, then a Cornell historian in 1960, referred to this general subject in his piece, “Parties and Politics in America”; it attempted to address the overall subject.

Political parties have been the peacemakers of the American community…the unwitting but forceful suppressors of the “civil-war potential” we carry always in the bowels of our diverse nation. “Blessed are the peacemakers, I am tempted to conclude”, he wrote.

But here is where we find ourselves in 2019….in a deep political ditch.

It is now difficult in these days for Republicans to have solid Democrat friends…as it is for Democrats to have solid Republican friends. That is the truth.

So we must begin somewhere – probably not a balance approach….but a start. Thus, I am obligated, as a conservative person, to inquire of my remaining Democrat friends the following, without accusation.

Do you support, or believe:

  • The Green New Deal.
  • Reparations for slavery, and how that would work.
  • Modern abortion, redefined as permissible Infanticide.
  • Open borders.
  • Packing SCOTUS with additional, preferably liberal judges.
  • Abolition of the Electoral College.
  • Abolition of ICE.
  • Totally free college tuition.
  • Elimination of student debt TOTALLY.
  • Medicare for ALL.
  • A Wealth tax.
  • A 70 % top marginal income tax rate.
  • A 16 year old voting age.
  • Automatic voting rights for ex-felons.


There is no lying down of the gauntlet here. It could certainly be said that our current political unrest has nothing on the 1960’s, when Clinton Rossiter observed the above.

All I’m DOING is inquiring.

It seems to me that we are all obligated to address what we are asked to endure – and simply, attempt to resolve issues which divide us – almost totally.