Infanticide should not be a partisan issue. Every Senator should agree – regardless of party – that a living child should be cared for, not disposed of like medical waste no matter the circumstances of his or her birth….Sen. James Lankford@Senator Lankford.

Yes, Virginians have good reason to be embarrassed – certainly mortified at the Democrat leadership we encounter in this Commonwealth and United States Senate. Most of us never dreamed that we would come to this dreaded political pass.

Our Senators, Mark R. Warner and Timothy M. Kaine, simply piled on to block the “born alive” bill providing medical care to infants who survived failed abortions. Worst of all, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA), while touting his pro-life belief, simply dodged a question about supporting legislation that would protect those infants. The Senator’s mendacity is discouraging.

This is how Virginia Democrats feel about “born-alive” legislation to protect the new born?

Then, there is the metastasizing crisis unfolding at the top of Virginia’s state government, particularly in light of their racist campaigning against Republican Ed W. Gillespie in 2017. Remember, Republicans and Gillespie were racists – and sexists; Candidate Ralph Northam lambasted and screamed the charges in advertisements that fall; he led the pack, in large part by excoriating his opponent as a racist for raising the specter of immigrants as source of violent crime, and for leaving Confederate statues in place.

If that wasn’t enough, the current Virginia governor went on later to describe how the procedures for basic infanticide could be accomplished – on a Washington D.C. radio station, WTOP. Finally, the black face and moon dancing episodes splashed his career over the brim.

Then, seemingly clean Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring released a statement saying Northam should stepdown for his black face history. One problem. The hypocritical Herring had a black face history of his own….really!

Finally, there appears Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax with a new twist: two very professional Democrat women accused him of sexual assault over a period of approximately four years; Fairfax happens to be black, aiming for Virginia’s second black governorship in just two years. Talk about political and race complications!

Fairfax’s tactics turned out to be a tad more creative. He now compares his own case – in which these two women accuse him of sexual assault – to a “modern-day lynching” of a black man if the legislature may wish to hold a public hearing on the matter. Where is the shame, truth, or honor?

So in the last two months, the Democrats have left our scarred Commonwealth with disgrace, mortification, plus unwillingness to take responsibility, and helping to resolve the crisis.

Instead they have given us the following:

  • Total non-cooperation of dealing with the “Fairfax difficulty” by being uncooperative in a proposed 50/50 two-party committee to investigate this disaster of public service.
  • Democrats tried to make INFANTICIDE legal in the Commonwealth of Virginia…no doubt about this.
  • The Democratic Governor and Attorney General both admitted to black-facing. They sit in office untouched by their party leadership. What if the Republican had done this?
  • The Fairfax matter seems to slide on despite charges of sexual assault from two different Democrat female professionals. Even the national Democratic leadership is embarrassed by this tragedy.
  • To make the scenario even more scandalous, the Democrats picked an anti-Semitic candidate in a deep blue Northern Virginia district – then elected him to the General Assembly of Virginia.

As Virginians, we have every right to be humiliated and chagrined. How do we get out of this…overcome the stench? Democrats, what gives?