Schadenfreude (SHaden, froide): the German noun….defined as a feeling of enjoyment that comes from seeing or hearing about the troubles of other people – particular those you may dislike – even for total legitimate reasons.

If you have been on the receiving end of such schadenfreude (as I have), one thinks twice before he thrusts such energy in the direction of his worse of enemies – political or otherwise. I am totally watching my schadenfreude as I write this.

Jim Geraghty, The Morning Jolt, has labeled this cultural episode as the “cavalcade of creeps”. The list below, while probably out dated by the time you read this, is going to run its course, and it’ll get worse every day. Revelations in the articles in Variety and the New York Times about former Today host Matt Lauer could make you sick. Lauer confessed that he was “embarrassed” by his actions. Poor baby.

As nasty as Lauer’s story is, he still stands in the shadow of one Harvey Weinstein, chief producer, and deep pockets contributor to the Democratic Party. This film producer is accused by dozens of women of sexual harassment or sexual assaults, including rape. Weinstein denies all allegation of non-consensual sex, but he has apologized for causing “a lot of pain.”

It is hard not to forget the merrymaking of the FNC-haters at the professional demise of Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, even Eric Bolling. Their delight was immeasurable, and all so political. Many on the list below could not celebrate enough over it. Particularly, the Matt Lauer intrusive interview of O’Reilly comes to mind, on the TODAY show only months ago. Talk about karma.

The current Rogues Gallery includes:

Garrison Keillor ( A Prairie Home Companion);  Matt Lauer (TODAY);  Charlie Rose (CBS Morning) ; Rep. John Conyers (D-Detroit); Bill O’Reilly (Fox News);  Glenn Thrush (NY Times);  Jeffre Tambor (‘Transparent’); Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.); Russell Simmons, (prolific music and TV producer); Matt Zimmerman, Sr. (VP –NBC News);  Rep. Joe Barton (R – TX);  Andrew Kreisberg, (producer of the CW shows “Arrow,” “Supergirl” Warner Bros.);  Louis C.K. (comedian/public masturbator); Steven Seagal, actor; Ed Westwick, actor; Brett Ratner, Director; Dustin Hoffman, Academy Award actor; Jeremy Piven, actor; Michael Oreskes, (NPR News chief);   Kevin Spacey, actor;  William J. Clinton, perjurer, former president;   Mark Halpern, (NBC, MSNBC); George H.W. Bush, former president; Terry Richardson, celebrity photographer; Leon Wieseltier, (The Atlantic and New Republic); James Toback, veteran Hollywood writer/director; John Besh, Chef (Bread Basket); Bob Weinstein, brother of the granddaddy of harassment: Harvey Weinstein; Oliver Stone, writer/director;  Roy Price, (Director of Amazon Studios); Ben Affleck, actor; Teddy Davis, CNN Producer; John Hockenberry, public radio Icon; Rep. Blake Farenhold (R-TX).

Careful counting yields about 4, maybe 5 Republicans – out of the 35 people listed.

As the solid Brent Bozell recently posted in Townhall: “nowhere is the hypocrisy more notable (and deeper) than at PBS and NPR. These were the entities that made sexual harassment the boiling feminist issue when Anita Hill testified during Clarence Thomas’ confirmation hearing in 1991. Here’s an easy question: Why didn’t this sudden spirit of self-discovery and investigation happen back then? Or in any year since?”

It could have happened when the President Bill Clinton settled with Paula Jones in 1998…or even last year as these networks enjoyed reporting on sexual harassment scandals inside Fox News. One must pose the question: in what way, then, is “public” broadcasting morally superior to corporate broadcasting?  The answer is both PBS and NPR are NOT….and never have been.

The “no snitch” culture is evaporating. Sadly, the allegiances of the media, late-night television, Hollywood, stand-up comedy, professional sports, and universities, continue their leftward homilies. Politically correct vulgarity among celebrities is nothing more than a poor substitute for talent – tied in a knot by sexual harassment scandals and other perversion. Yet, with this nasty cultural cloud, there are positive signs.

The economy is growing. Unemployment is dropping and inflation remains low. Middle class incomes are finally heading up….with expansion of energy production, and a growing security on our southern borders.

For those of us who remain deeply concerned, we must simply hang in there – sans schadenfreude.