For:   Professor David Marion, Elliott Emeritus Professor of Government, and director of the James Madison Public Service Program at Hampden-Sydney College.

From: Raymond B. Wallace, Jr.  Class of 1960

Re:    Richmond Times Dispatch Commentary Column, November 5, 2017….Today’s Trust Deficit – A Social Cancer.

Memo:   Dr. Marion, Hooray for H-SC with your piece published last Sunday in the Commentary Section…..Tiger pride continues! With your work and that of Dr. Ron Heinemann’s (Harry Byrd bio) column several weeks ago, we all celebrate the RTD ink of H-SC faculty.

I am fascinated with your theory that the possible “trust deficit” is a serious matter. You are correct of course. More fascinating is your quote: A culture that is rooted in the presumed dignity and equality of all person is a pre-condition for moderate politics. That’s the challenge for certain.

Wonder why we have reached this point in America? I think I have come to know:

  • Many can take credit for this deep divide within the U.S. after 40 years of designed separation:
  • the elites of Hollywood film industry has played a huge role: …..the toney academic culture with their total intolerance.……the elimination of open discourse among college students, which enjoys support of faculties, administrators alike – far more serious than anyone recognizes .
  • An uncontrolled, predominant leftist media: CNN; MSNBC; CBS; NBC; ABC, hourly – plus the ever legit NYT and the LA Times. The massiveness of all this is incomprehensible, shameful, and most of all, DANGEROUS. And the people know now.
  • Politically correct speech…..who has not run into that on college campus and in corporations as well.
  • The United States Government with both houses in knee deep elitism (that is what the Rep. Cantor matter was all about); the horrible elitism of both George W. Bush, and especially Barack Obama, with his surly attitude; do not forget K Street conglomerates- looking after well-healed clients.
  • The outright pornification of advertising with its complicit leadership, and the ads which emerge from their shops, both disgusting and lucrative.
  • And finally ‘HILLBILLY ELEGY ‘, which really makes your point of “culture that is rooted in the resumed dignity and equality” a monstrous joke.
  • Rural America’s deeply rooted cultural traditions, religiosity, music, and history of storytelling, and its belief in the nobility of hard work that includes getting your hands dirty, all make up who we are in this country. They could no care less whose editor of NYT or WaPo….but they pray daily which drive the left to distraction.
  • Those Americans who voted for McCain and Romney never, never, ever…..behaved in such fashion towards President Obama, a soon-to-be-phony, who turned out disappointing for everyone. I will make the point which will place me in the “racist’s camp”: if BHO had simply been white, he would never have been nominated by your political party.
  • And yes, the Clergy….not only elitists, but simply political leftists’, certainly social activist – sadly, my Rector fits the bill.
  • The left’s total support, and outrageous sympathy for undocumented citizens (hell, THERE I go) I mean, illegal immigrants.
  • Antifa, BLM (Pigs In a Blanket / Fry em like bacon); the kneeling at the nation’s anthem, and burning American flags that many of our students fought, and died for; fighting horrible lax immigration enforcement (left by Obama)….then knocked down by lefty Federal judges of everything the current administration is attempting to address.
  • And the final blow: a political and speech correctness which attempts to deny us our solid Constitutional rights.

David, you know what haunts me: I do not see any indication from your people in classroom teaching that they have a clue why 50-60MM is so turned off and distrustful. Now they KNOW.

These prideful Americans (Blue collar white and black) have watched their security robbed by the policies of the U.S. Government. They fully understand where they stand in the left’s scheme of things – these are people most of you have never tripped over in your professional or social lives.

My God….this should be evident to every thinking America, particular professors. I can see, even smell, the 1890s all over again, but with their own media and abilities to reach millions upon millions.

Dangerous business, my man.

Raymond B. Wallace, Jr. ‘ 60.