The utter damage accomplished within the last decade to American culture borders between silly and grotesque.

Take a letter to the Chicago Tribune, specifically designated to Clarence Page, a columnist there. As it makes its electronic rounds, the letter slams political correctness regarding the nicknames of sports teams.

Right off, it amusingly calls for the dismissal of such names as Redskins, Chiefs, Braves, Indians….and we probably should rid the culture of Browns for obvious reasons. The Carolina Panthers obviously were named to keep the memory of militant Blacks from the 60’s alive – probably because it would be seen as offensive to white folks.

Better yet, don’t forget the Baltimore Ravens and the Jacksonville Jaguars football players who stood for God Save the Queen while taking a knee for the American anthem and pledge….in a foreign country. Amazing examples of total ignorance, yes?

And yes, the New York Yankees offends the Southern population….I don’t remember a team named for the Confederacy. No doubt, it would be offensive to some for the blatant references to the Catholic religion such as the New Orleans Saints, the Los Angeles Angels, or the San Diego Padres.

Then what the heck is this business about glorifying criminality: good grief, the Oakland Raiders, the Minnesota Vikings, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Pittsburg Pirates. The New York Giants and the San Francisco Giants promote obesity – a growing epidemic. Last, but not least the Milwaukee Brewers promotes the wrong message for our children. Yes?

The letter as distributed on the internet grows a little sketchy at this point so we will exit. It does make a serious point: we are showing signs of losing our minds to blatant stupidity, or worse.

Even more troubling is how, we as a nation, are handling the Trump era. It is clear the country is divided. The Trumpsters are devoted, loyal, and comforted with a genuine hope.

The Hate-Trumpsters seem more vitriolic, dug in – even destructive at any cost. They believe everything to do with Trump is ugly. For them he is the absolute epitome of the American Dream turned into a night mare.

Sadly, it has become very clear that those who no make a living out of attacking the President have started to take on some of that same ugliness themselves…Stephen Colbert (a fellow Hampden-Sydney College graduate), for example, with his sycophantic gang of supporting performers, and his hand-picked audience, screaming their delirious approval of every jibe, however tasteless or feeble. That horrible unfunny image of Kathy Griffin hold the sham severed head of the Hateful One is a concise example.

Could it be that this outpouring of hate inspires the same revulsion. As one recent writer, a Trump non-admirer, reminded us of the mobile-phone footage of Libya’sGaddafi after his capture, broke and bloodied, eventually being sodomized with a bayonet.

You see, those who fight evil with its own weaponry risk turning into the very thing they oppose. If President Trump and what he represents is to be brought down (and I do not think it should), it must be by means that do not damage our faith in democracy, and leave no aftertaste of shame.

We all must be careful – there’s a whole bunch of us….within us.