As a life-long Virginian, It’s becoming onerous for me, to keep up with the stream of devolution settling in around Senator Timothy Michael Kaine’s career, and his service in the U.S. Senate.

Citizens of the Old Dominion continue to watch this slide with consternation. In social-media neologisms some have referenced Senator Kaine as “troll.” A troll is someone who deliberately kindles acrimony by making outrageous, offensive or confusing behaviors – his antics becoming implausible.

It came to a crescendo last summer, 2016, when he chased the Democratic Vice –Presidential nomination – with Hilliary Clinton. The public fawning for the job was unseemly; his acceptance of that nomination may have been his crown-jewel of misjudgment – then followed by the October, Farmville, VA appearance at Longwood University. So unpolished.

Kaine’s performance there was exasperating and bewildering. His constant accusations – interruptions – fidgety personae – overwrought body language left him in the dust as loser – on both style and content. Additionally, it was a nationally televised embarrassment for citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Andrew P. Miller, former Attorney General of Virginia, wrote an extensive Richmond Times Dispatch (RTD) column recently making a convincing argument for both Senators Kaine and Mark Warner to take the statesman role of voting “yes” to the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions, for the new Attorney General of the United States. Warner has already rejected such a plea, and Kaine is quiet. We eagerly wait.
Kaine “erred” clearly, according to the RTD, by not supporting the nomination of Katherine DeVos…for Secretary of Education. The newspaper reminded him that DeVos was more than qualified.

Probably his saddest performance was in the Tillerson confirmation hearings for Secretary of State. His performance there – even worse, was the embarrassing laughter of his fellow senatorial committee members, as he ridiculously badgered Rex Tillerson, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of EXXON. No gentleman, he.

Our Virginia Senator accomplished something that no other Virginian has: he made GQ’s list of least-influential people of 2016. The magazine touted his place as a member of a ‘comprehensive’, anger-fueled list of everyone, who ruined our year. Additionally, he totally jumped the gun with his tweet regarding Ohio State University as a “senseless act of Gun Violence”….when the attack was performed with a car and knife….so very pedestrian.

Finally, the headline read: Tim Kaine Cheers End of White Majority in Spanish Address, as reported by Julia Hahn, posted 11/6/2016 7:26:14 AM. With his Arizona speech delivered in Spanish, Kaine cheered the demographic transformation for the United States – caused by the nation’s federal immigration policies – telling his Latino audience, “You are the future of America.” By 2050, communities of color will represent the majority of our population,” Kaine said. “So, of course, Latinos will help shape the future of America because you ARE the future of America.”

Furthermore, Virginia’s senator doubled down on his pledge to expand President Obama’s executive amnesty, ruling out any respect for current emigrational law. It is possible the Democratic ticket knew it was in trouble by then, and he was politically frantic.

Benjamin P.A. Warthen, an incumbent on Richmond’s City Council in 1994, lost his reelection bid to Tim Kaine by less than 100 votes. I had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Warthen’s family, including Ben, who didn’t see it coming; Tim Kaine probably was surprised as well.

Kaine, with little solid examination, headed up the Democratic ladder in Richmond circles, as first Council member – then Richmond’s Mayor – followed by Lieutenant Governor of Virginia – then Governor of Virginia, where he totally mislead Virginians twice by attempting tax heights. These were all fairly close elections – cumulating in his close election to the U. S. Senate. Hilliary’s Vice Presidency was waiting.

This career reminds one of his having done nothing but work. Grimly, he has as, Thornton Wilder put it in The Matchmaker – a lot of adventures, but no experience. Kaine’s learning curve has miles to go before his record invites a reelection.