In case you are stumped, FNC means Fox News Channel…”Wherefore art thou” actually means “why.” Thanks to the brutal Election of 2016, the inquiry must remain “why.”

Why Hilliary, why Trump, why Kaine, why Pence…and most of all why can’t this country do better? In temperament, Pence wins hands down. This Presidential election is generating an enormous flow of anger, frustration, hate, and most important: leadership disillusionment. And then there is the television media.

I write of FNC because that is the channel which attempts to be “fair and balanced” while the others are totally unreliable in reporting the massive amount of Clinton material released by Wiki leaks. Instead of reporting and analyzing it…they simply pretend it doesn’t exist.

My viewer relationship with Fox goes back to the earlier days – when it played the new role of actually covering ALL the news. It rendered a huge service to those of us who know we were being had by the main 3 networks, and by NPR, PBS, CNN, and pitiful MSNBC. Fox’s ratings simply reflected the appreciation of its new approach.

Alas, FNC is displaying some eroding cracks in reliability; it’s simply wandering into its land of Nod – thanks to the likes of Megyn Kelly, Shep Smith, Juan Williams; the little flower, Dana (I’m done) Marie Perino, and their hyper-hypocrisy over the sexual allegations against Donald Trump. Personal hypocrisy of these celebrities is rich in pontification…and self-sanctimony.

Poor Shep Smith – in recent days, he finally acknowledged his alternate life-style while praising the brilliant, but flawed Roger Ailes as being a father figure. He has served as their go-to-leftist for years, but his sanctuary is now becoming crowded.

In addition to the Republican Perino, who is morphing into Mugwumpery faster than the shadowy Paul Ryan; our “Miss Megyn”, who really started this business over a year ago in that awful Fox-excuse of a debate – recently opined to Trump media critics: “We’re easy to hate, but what we do is important.” Can one become more self-serving and painful than that?

But Juan Williams is the worse…Juan, who is all over Fox news like a bucket of cheap paint – and about as deep – hangs Trump daily, and defends Clinton instantly.

As Juan Williams chewed up Trump for some groping action he was accused in the 1990s, let us take a look at the accusatory Mr. Williams…and his behavior about the same time:   Executive Editor Leonard Downie, Jr., Washington Post Magazine, in a letter to his staff (about Juan Williams), wrote, the complaints about Juan’s verbal conduct with a number of women in the newsroom were thoroughly investigated. The complaints were found to be serious, and, as Juan acknowledges, was disciplined for his conduct and intends to apologize to women he offended.”

The report continues: “Seven women said in on-the-record interviews yesterday that Williams had repeatedly made hostile and sexually explicit comments to them, in some cases over a period of several years….Jo Ellen Murphy, art director of the Weekend section, said that ‘ he was obsessed with my sex life and that’s all he wanted to talk to me about…I raised my voice at him and said, Just don’t talk to me again’ “ His behavior brought the wrath of about 50 female employees (that’s right FIFTY), who demanded to meet with their Executive Editor over him, and corporatist handling of their dilemma.”

Interestingly, today he sits right across from our FNC’s fragile, Dana Perino, and “guests” on The Kelly File as well. MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL!

It has become exhausting to hear about the accusations from women about being sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. These Fox personalities, like the majority of the Clinton media, keep repeating, repeating them over and over again. Naturally, these claims are made in front of the reporters as press conferences – not formal written complaints in a court of law. NO one is under oath and since Trump is a “public figure”, he can do little about it. Those original indictable Clinton statements were take under oath and corroborated by white house staff, including the secret service.

FNC has some splainin to do if the news channel wishes to re-capture what its mission was once. It seems they are now in re-negotiation with Megyn Kelly for a new contract – they will probably award her a Brian Williams’ pot – too much of course…and keep her. Their FAIR AND BALANCE will suffer further.

Big success often generates loss of mission…and brings greater burden. And we all lose.