Spring, 2015 has turned out to be a wonderfully shocking experience.

Ordinarily, I would never get family-personal on this Blog, particularly about our grand children…but I cannot help myself on this Sunday, June 7, 2015.

It’s unbelievable time.

In May, 2015, while participating as a Collegiate School (Richmond, VA) golf team member, in a large tournament at the Hermitage Country Club, Carter Vaden Reid, Jr. shot a HOLE-IN-ONE on the 12th hole, 153 yards, 8 iron, playing with Carter Reid, Hunter Beverly, and Will Klein…at 15 years of age.

Today, June 7, 2015, my grandson did the HOLE-IN-ONE thing again, playing the 2nd hole, 127 yards, with his wedge. Am I impressed or what?

At 15 years of age, he has managed to accomplish a remarkable achievement:  2 holes in one in as many months…something I could not do in 77 years.


Raymond B. Wallace, Jr.